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How to Reduce Business Waste and Become a Green Business

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With so much focus on environmental protection nowadays, “waste reduction” has become somewhat of a buzz word. In today’s technology driven world where gadgets and gizmos are becoming bigger and bigger parts of our lives, an unprecedented amount of waste is being generated, in addition to the conventional waste that we as a human race have already been generating for …

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Recycling and Waste Management – Everything You Need to Know

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In simpler times, people were used to discarding household waste like domestic garbage or other items that could no longer serve their purpose by burying it in the ground. Back then, waste was produced on a much smaller scale since the population was smaller and people had simpler needs, so burying waste in the ground often sufficed. Since then, tremendous …

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What is Zero Waste Certification and How to Create Zero Waste?

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The Zero Waste Certification process appraises how efficiently organizations are able to carry out the reduction of non-hazardous solid waste and utilize resources to optimize their output. It’s a long-drawn process that involves focusing on both upstream processes as well as policies by implementing industry best practices that make zero waste possible, as opposed to focusing solely on the output. …

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How to Determine if You Are Paying Too Much for Waste Services

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Organizations typically outsource their waste services to third parties or waste management service providers offering specialized waste management services. Oftentimes, senior management cannot be bothered to take a detailed look at the contracts or the services provided by these specialized vendors, with the excuse of being “too busy” dealing with “more important” matters. These contracts are frequently out of date …

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How Global Market Changes Affect Industrial Recycling Programs

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Businesses and industries create vast amounts of waste in their daily activities. Reducing this amount of waste generated by industries through methods like recycling can benefit the company as well as the environment. Waste disposal costs are significantly reduced by recycling, and ultimately, less waste can end up in the landfills. In this article, we approach how the changes in …

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Should You Purchase a Trash Compactor for Your Business?

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Trash compactors can allow you to optimize your waste management program effectively by condensing your waste and sometimes can lower your cost. But that is not true in all situations. Here are some things to consider in evaluating the purchase of compaction equipment for your waste. Types of Compactors 1. In-House Restaurant Compactors There are a number of types of …

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Early Los Angeles Waste Savings Success Story

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RecycLA, the City of Los Angeles’ franchised waste hauling plan, is coming and can have significant impacts on your budgeting process.  Waste Control estimates that the average Los Angeles waste customer will experience a 93% increase in their waste costs. Many companies are preparing their budgets this time of year and are not aware of the coming cost increases and will be …