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Take the Waste Control Challenge

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Waste Control can help you in ways that your waste hauler can’t, or in some cases won’t.  Our challenge is simple.  Let your waste hauler review your account and suggest ways to reduce costs and then let Waste Control perform our services to see how much we can reduce your costs.  This applies whether you have a choice of waste …

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City of Los Angeles Approves a 6.15% Waste Services Rate Increase to Businesses

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If you are wondering why your trash service pricing in Los Angeles has increased, please read the information below on the City of Los Angeles’ approval of a 6.15% rate increase on waste and recycling services. The City of Los Angeles has recently approved a 6.15% waste services rate increase for businesses within the city.  The new rates take effect …

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How Waste Control Saved Clients $83,000 on Waste and Recycling Services

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Your waste and recycling services hauler may be overcharging for your waste and recycling services. Within the last year, Waste Control’s in-depth auditing process has identified, negotiated, and obtained refunds for our clients totaling over $100,000!  Having our team of industry experts audit your waste services is similar to having a former IRS agent do your taxes, we find cost …

Get the Most Out of Your Local Waste Disposal Without Paying Too Much

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The high costs of trash disposal these days have many commercial businesses scrambling to keep their hard-earned profits. As it is, just about every commercial industry must pay expensive fees for waste disposal and recycling services. Learn how to get the most out of your local waste disposal without paying too much in the process. Analyse What Local Waste Disposal …

What Are Some of the Advantages of an Industrial Waste Management Service

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More businesses have found out the compelling advantages of using an experienced and honest industrial waste management service to keep their waste removal costs down. Most business experts caution new businesses to be proactive with regards to effective waste management rather than waiting until a problem arises. Waiting could result in costly fees, fines, loss of production, and more. Many …

We Save Clients 20-45% On Their Waste Bills

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Waste Control – Save 20-45% On Your Waste Bills Did you know that 83% of properties pay their waste haulers too much for waste and refuse services each and every month? Waste Control, a waste and recycling services company, can help you make substantial savings on your waste bills! A Quick Look at How You Could be Paying Too Much …

3 Benefits of Using Commercial Waste Collection Services

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Using commercial waste collection services for your business offers many benefits. These professional services are always a terrific way to keep your business well-maintained while also creating a much cleaner environment for your employees. If you are still unsure, here are the three main benefits of using commercial waste collection services. Saves You Money Investing in the commercial waste collection …

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Business Managers: Are Recycling Contamination and Overfill Fees Getting You Down?

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Most people are aware of the decline in recycling markets and that the price paid for recyclables markets took a historic dive this year. What that means for business and property managers is that waste haulers have become more stringent on what is allowed in their recycling bins. In order to recover the cost of processing the non-recyclables in the …