Waste Services for Industrial Facilities

Benefits for Large Industrial Facilities

  • One Stop Waste Services Solution

    Waste Control’s services allows you to spend less time dealing with waste issues so you can focus on other important issues. No more waiting on hold endlessly for the hauler’s Customer Service Department. We identify the issues, resolve it, and confirm the issue has been resolved.

  • Cost Reductions

    Using Waste Control’s expertise in reducing your waste costs is like having a former IRS agent do your taxes, we know the loopholes and will keep you in compliance.

  • Customized Consolidated Invoices

    Consolidated invoicing means you only pay one invoice reducing your internal costs of auditing and paying multiple vendors. We can customize the invoices to meet your particular needs.

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Lowering Industrial Waste Disposal Costs In The USA

In any area of the world, there is always a tension between industry and the environment. Over the last three decades, a growing concern over climate change, pollution levels, and the production of industrial waste has led to an increasing challenge for manufacturing and production companies across the United States.

This challenge centers around effectively managing industrial waste disposal in a way that is economically feasible for the company, and that also protects and supports the environment. Consumer pressure, media focus, and increasingly strict regulations have changed the way that companies have to consider their industrial waste disposal plans.

Unfortunately, many manufacturing companies in the United States are paying a premium for waste disposal services that are ineffective or unnecessary. Not only is this cost ineffective, but it is not offering any benefit to the environment.

Identifying Waste Materials and Disposal Methods

The first step to streamlining the process and lowering costs is for our team at Waste Control to complete a waste audit. The audit provides a very granular look at the waste services the facility uses, prices paid for those services, types of waste handling systems, and the potential for any recycling or refund types of programs.

Once this baseline data is evaluated, the inefficiencies and cost overages for industrial waste disposal can be identified and replaced with cost-effective options and solutions. We then negotiate and manage all of your waste hauler interactions, freeing you up to run your business and save money.

To get started with your free waste audit, call us today at 888-855-8559.

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Three Benefits

  • Expert Consultants

    80% of businesses are paying too much for waste services. We will make sure you are not one of them.

  • Consolidated Billing

    If you own multiple locations, we will consolidate all of your invoices into ONE monthly invoice and customize your invoice to meet your needs.

  • One Number

    You will no longer have to call multiple haulers. Call one number for all of your waste service needs.

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