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Waste Control is proud to have served many different clients across many different verticals. Here is a recent success story from a client in Los Angeles, CA:

Waste Control recently performed it’s comprehensive waste services audit at a large multi-family property in Los Angeles and discovered that the waste hauler had made an error in billing resulting in an overcharge of $25,000! Waste Control was able to secure a refund for our client for that amount and at the same time reduced their monthly costs by 20%. This was after the hauler had performed the waste assessment that they are required to perform for each customer.

Many potential clients we speak to feel like once their hauler makes adjustments to their account that there are no further savings to be found. Our comprehensive audit goes beyond what the haulers have time to provide and finds savings opportunities that were previously undiscovered. Let us help you reduce your costs.

We don’t get paid unless we save you money!

Check out additional case studies below to see how we helped businesses save time and money.


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Services Chain

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Fast Food

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Beverage Container

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Discount Retail

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Container Board

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Pharma Manufacturing

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Los Angeles
Property Management

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