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On average, we save our clients anywhere from 15-45% or greater on their waste bills. At the same time we help you improve your sustainability, handle all service related issues for you, and design streamlined solutions.

Our team is loaded with industry lifers that know their way around the industry. Check out the Waste Control process below.

waste invoice analysis

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Waste Control starts with a free, no-risk evaluation to determine an estimated amount of savings specifically for your company. All we need to get started is a copy of a recent waste services invoice. Click here to send us your bill and get started!

waste invoice analysis

waste savings program analysis

In-depth Savings/Program Analysis

Once we determine that savings are achievable, we conduct an in-depth assessment that includes a waste audit, responsible right-sizing evaluation, negotiation of below-market pricing, auditing of invoices to determine overcharges and to obtain refunds, evaluation of current equipment and proposal of equipment solutions where appropriate, design of waste handling systems, and the design of progressive sustainable recycling program.
waste handling systems

Design of Cost-Effective Waste Handling Systems

Waste Control will help you reduce internal costs by designing waste handling systems that will make your process cleaner, more efficient, and streamlined to prevent any additional administrative costs.

waste handling systems

completely managed services

Completely Managed Services

Waste Control will handle all waste hauler interactions for you including, negotiation of rates, management of waste service contracts and expirations, removal of unnecessary fees, auditing of waste invoices, and all service related issues. These actions will keep rates as low as possible and reduce your administrative burdens.
consolidated waste invoice

Customized Consolidated Invoice

Waste Control will provide a consolidated invoice showing each location, service levels, and the cost for each location. This will reduce the internal costs incurred by the processing of multiple invoices. This billing service can be set up to meet your individual needs. This invoice can also be submitted electronically.

consolidated waste invoice

Lower Rates, Better Service, Less Work

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Three Benefits

  • Expert Consultants

    80% of businesses are paying too much for waste services. We will make sure you are not one of them.

  • Consolidated Billing

    If you own multiple locations, we will consolidate all of your invoices into ONE monthly invoice and customize your invoice to meet your needs.

  • One Number

    You will no longer have to call multiple haulers. Call one number for all of your waste service needs.

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