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How Waste Control Saved Clients $83,000 on Waste and Recycling Services

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Your waste and recycling services hauler may be overcharging for your waste and recycling services. Within the last year, Waste Control’s in-depth auditing process has identified, negotiated, and obtained refunds for our clients totaling over $100,000!  Having our team of industry experts audit your waste services is similar to having a former IRS agent do your taxes, we find cost savings that you would not find on your own.  The best part is, we don’t get paid unless we save you money.  Here are a few of Waste Control’s success stories.

Southern California Luxury Resort Waste Savings – $53,000 refund!

Waste Control’s audit of this property compared the rates they had been charged by the hauler with the hauler’s contract with the City and found numerous overcharges that had occurred over the past 2 years.  Waste Control identified the overcharges, submitted a refund request to the hauler, met on site with the hauler to review the overcharges, and secured the refund for the customer.  The incorrect charges also resulted in a 57% decrease in monthly costs.

Los Angeles Apartment Community Waste Savings – $20,000 refund!

Apartment Communities have experienced significant rate increases due to the City of LA’s recent implementation of a collection program that does not allow customers to choose haulers.  The audit at this property found that they had been charged for the wrong sized bins and this resulted in a $20,000 refund from the hauler.

Los Angeles Retail Center Waste Savings – $10,000 refund!

Waste Control’s audit of this property also found that the client had been charged for the wrong sized trash bins.  The hauler put up quite a resistance on this one.  Waste Control met on-site the hauler to go over the bin size errors and the hauler started by measuring the outside of the bin rather than the inside of the bin that gives the actual capacity of the bin. Waste Control fought for the client and prevailed in obtaining a $10,000 refund from the hauler.

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