Waste Control Options That Work For Your Home or Business

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Whether you're trying to incorporate more "green" practices into your household or want to make sure you're not generating too much waste in your business, it's important to come up with a waste management plan. Working with Waste Management Inc can help you determine how much money your company can save. You can consolidate the bills associated with trash pickup and this could save you both time and money.

A solid waste management plan involves coming up with customized solutions that are best for your organization. Services can include scheduling equipment repair that can reduce or eliminate waste, bin audits and coming up with a plan to handle missed pickups for waste and recycled items. We also audit the bills you're receiving for waste management to ensure you're only paying what you're obligated to pay. Some companies will attempt to charge you for waste management services you didn't request and our team will look for these discrepancies and handle them accordingly. We'll also work to ensure you get the credits you deserve for being overcharged.

You can also work with us to create a customer portal online. This allows you to monitor all your recycling reports, track the cost of waste and review all your service levels. We will customize your information according to what you can view when you log into the portal to monitor your waste management activity.

For more information about the waste management plan that will work well for you, contact Waste Control Incorporated at 888-855-8559.