Higher Trash Rates in Los Angeles

A recent LA Times Article reports on the increased cost of trash services some customers are experiencing. Waste Control can help you minimize the increases and improve your sustainability. “In recent weeks, customers have begun complaining about soaring prices, uncollected trash and calls to their new waste hauling companies going unreturned.”

The Impact of “Zero-Waste LA” on Your Business.

If you haven’t already experienced the financial impact of Zero-Waste LA on your business yet, you will be shortly.  This brief video tells you what to expect and how Waste Control can help.   Click here to learn more and to contact us.  Or call (888) 855-8559 Click here for more information from the City of LA’s […]

Why are my waste costs going up?

  Most businesses in Los Angeles will be experiencing an increase in their waste collection costs associated with the City’s “Zero-Waste LA Franchise System”.  Waste Control, Inc. estimates that the average customer will experience a 94% increase in their waste collection costs.  Many people are asking “why?”.  Here are some of the reasons. Recent price […]

How Does Using Waste Control Services Benefit Your Company?

How Does Using Waste Control Services Benefit Your Company? There are many advantages to using Waste Control to manage your waste services at your business. One of the main advantages is that many waste haulers either own landfills, manage them, or have “put or pay” contracts with landfills. This means for these companies that there […]