Working With Trash Haulers Vs Working With Waste Control: What Are Key Benefits?

Working With Trash Haulers Vs Working With Waste Control: What Are Key Benefits?

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Managing waste streams can be quite challenging for a growing business. It needs constant attention and involvement from different stakeholders. While most businesses are growing, signing up for services from trash haulers seems to be a logical step. And for good reason -. You do not have that much quantity of waste to deal with and a local hauler can provide all the services you need.

Moving waste off the property and making sure that you are not polluting the area around your facility will be the primary concerns for an early-stage business. But as you grow, it becomes clear that waste management needs go beyond just moving waste away. The costs alone would be enough to convince you otherwise.

There is a certain case to be made for working with a waste management service like Waste Control. There are clear benefits that professional waste management services offer in dealing with solid waste, which local waste haulers cannot provide.

This blog will attempt to compare your options of working with a waste management service provider vs a waste hauler in depth and explore why it makes sense to partner with a waste management service. Let’s go.

Working with Haulers- What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Local haulers are the most easily accessible option out there. All it takes is a search for “trash hauling near me” and you will get a list of service providers who will get you what you need. Here are some of the top reasons why working with waste haulers is preferred by most businesses.

Simple and Effective Solution

It is a simple service that they offer and often it is all you need if you are not too bothered about what happens to the waste after it is taken out of your hands. Most services provide you with trash bins that are routinely emptied, and all you have to pay is a fixed fee for this service in most cases. There is also no price monitoring or comparing rates to see if they are competitive in the surrounding market.

Depending on the quantity and the type of waste you deal with, the service contracts with your local haulers will specify what quantity of waste will be hauled and how frequently they will empty the bins. It will also specify what additional charges apply for overages and other such terms.


Working with haulers means you are not worrying too much about your waste stream and what happens with the waste once it is off your property. It is hassle-free if you find the right vendor to partner with. Most of the haulers will provide you with a monthly invoice and you just have to deal with that.


Often, most of the haulers will recycle the waste they collect from you. These haulers will sort the waste at transfer stations and will deal with different types of waste. Recyclables will be sent to recycling facilities, organic waste would be sent for composting and commodities will be sold. This would mean that lesser amounts of waste end up in landfills and this is important from a regulatory standpoint and also from the perspective of green business practices.

Why Working with Haulers May Not Work For You

While there are definite advantages to using trash haulers, there is the dark side too. Here are some of the major issues.

Cost Overruns

This is perhaps the most common issue we hear from our clients who were working with haulers. The cost overruns can seriously hinder your business especially given how the waste hauling rates are on the rise nationwide. Haulers may even overbill you and are also known to delay pickups deliberately. This would lead to overage charges levied for exceeding the quantity of waste that they are supposed to collect. Being local businesses, documentation would not be that great and you ultimately end up paying more.

Cost overruns also occur because of the additional charges you would need to pay for some kinds of waste that would not fall within the regular service agreement. Hazardous waste and demolition waste may not be included in the services offered and you may have to pay additional charges for this. One-time projects could also end up costing you more.

Lack of Data

The lack (or absence) of data is a big issue. Organizations are dealing with diversion goals which specify that the amount of waste that ends in landfills be reduced by diverting it to recycling or by waste reduction. Some of the rules and regulations also specify that the organizations keep track of the amount of waste being recycled. If you are working with haulers, it may be difficult to measure the amount of waste being recycled or diverted accurately.


Scaling your waste management process can be costly when you are dealing with trash haulers. Most of the local haulers will have limited capacity and it would mean that you would have to find different haulers or pay more for the services in case of increased waste generation from your business. You may also have to deal with different haulers for different types of waste and this would further add to the costs.

Why Professional Waste Management Services Are the Best Bet?

There are undiscovered opportunities when it comes to commercial waste. We at Waste Control identify that and help our clients get better results from waste management. A professional waste management service is your best bet for quite a few reasons. Here are some of them.

Strategic Involvement

Having an end-to-end waste management strategy is critical for long-term results. This is something that a professional waste management service like Waste Control can help you with. There are several ways to deal with waste. We consider several options before we reach the stage of waste disposal.

  • Reduce waste
  • Reuse waste
  • Repair
  • Recycle waste
  • Recover
  • Dispose

Waste prevention and reduction are critical and we help organizations identify ways to reduce waste as best as possible through thorough waste audits. This identifies the types of waste you generate as well as simple steps to prevent waste as much as possible.

The process also involves formulating plans to deal with the various types of waste in the best possible way and to cut down on costs. This would also involve identifying recyclable materials and waste commodities that can be raw materials for other manufacturing processes, and leveraging advancements in the circular economy by finding suitable buyers for these waste commodities.

Food waste and yard waste can be composted in the organization and can be reused within the facility. Understanding the life-cycle of waste material is one of the critical strategic involvements.

Consolidating Service Providers

Consolidation of all service providers and not having to deal with multiple waste management vendors is one of the distinct advantages of working with a professional waste management service like Waste Control. We help organizations reduce the time it takes to deal with waste streams and provide end-to-end support for all waste management efforts.

The expertise also means that we have the capacity to deal with different kinds of waste. Managing recycling streams, finding the right way to deal with various kinds of waste such as textiles, cardboard, HDPE, plastic bags, etc., and ensuring that everything is measured- all fall in our purview.

You thus get a better handle on waste management costs and you can also chase your sustainability targets and inch closer to being a zero-waste business without the hassle of dealing with many different service providers.

Cost Savings

This is where professional end-to-end waste management services have the most impact. By cutting down on waste, source separating, treating the waste, and using the right equipment, you save a considerable amount of dollars. Waste commodities you generate from your process can also be sold to recycling programs or buyers and this generates some supplemental income which further cuts your bottom line.

Waste Control has a track record of helping organizations cut waste management costs by up to 45% on waste bills through our intervention. This is a significant boost to your bottom line.

Closing Thoughts

Analyzing waste management yourself can work for you if you are a small business. But as you grow and your waste management needs evolve, the complexity increases. Waste haulers are simple and effective when you are a small business but if you are serious about your sustainability goals and reducing emissions, you need to be working with a professional waste management service.

Saving costs, reducing the effort, and being more efficient as a business are some of the major advantages that proper management of the waste stream can give you. As you grow and expand, having a scalable solution also helps you deal with your changing needs without having to find new vendors every year.

Waste Control’s work with leading manufacturers has helped them save costs and manage waste better. Cut your waste management costs by 15-45% today. Get in touch with us!