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Take the Waste Control Challenge

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Waste Control can help you in ways that your waste hauler can’t, or in some cases won’t.  Our challenge is simple.  Let your waste hauler review your account and suggest ways to reduce costs and then let Waste Control perform our services to see how much we can reduce your costs.  This applies whether you have a choice of waste haulers or the City only allows you to use one waste hauler.

We believe we can beat their cost reductions for a number of reasons:

  1. Your waste hauler is looking out for their bottom line, not yours. Waste Control is only paid if we save you money.  If we can’t save you money we don’t get paid so our interest is the same as yours, to reduce costs.
  2. Your waste hauler’s representative won’t, and in reality can’t, be as thorough as Waste Control’s representative. Our comprehensive audit provides the following services that are in your best interest but not in the best interest of your hauler:
    1. A seven day bin audit that measures how full your bins are every day
    2. Identifies sources of overage and contamination fees and provides solutions to eliminate or reduce them.
    3. Confirms that the hauler is servicing the bins on the days they are scheduled.
    4. Recommends alternative service configurations that reduce costs.
    5. Auditing of waste hauler invoices that identifies overcharges and negotiates credits and/or refunds from your waste hauler.
  3. We reduce the time your company spends on the phone to resolve waste hauler issues. Right now, try calling your waste hauler’s Customer Service number during regular business hours and see how long it takes for someone to answer the phone.  Then, call Waste Control’s Customer Service number, (888) 855-8559 during regular business hours and see how long it takes for someone to answer the phone.  We are also available 24 hours a day via email at customerservice@wastecontrolinc.com.

Our solution is simple, let waste industry experts advocate on your behalf with your waste services provider and see tangible reductions in your costs and time spent on waste services issues.