We Save Clients 20-45% On Their Waste Bills

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We save clients 25-45% on their waste bill

Waste Control – Save 20-45% On Your Waste Bills

Did you know that 83% of properties pay their waste haulers too much for waste and refuse services each and every month? Waste Control, a waste and recycling services company, can help you make substantial savings on your waste bills!

A Quick Look at How You Could be Paying Too Much for Your Waste Services

  • Property managers and organizations often neglect re-negotiating or updating their waste services contracts, continuing with agreements signed years ago.
  • Most of the waste service agreements come with price escalation clauses, which automatically increases the service costs over the years.
  • Over the years, property managers and companies end up paying double or even triple the original agreement amount for the same waste services.

How Waste Control Can Help

  • At Waste Control, we aim to reduce your waste costs while improving environmental sustainability.
  • We evaluate your existing waste services to determine your opportunity for cost savings and service reductions.
  • We help our clients by introducing better and more efficient ways to reduce their carbon and waste footprint.
    • Business Owners
    • Property Managers
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Food Establishments
  • To further reduce administrative costs, we consolidate your waste service bills into one easy-to-read bill for all your locations.
  • We can even help you to become a Zero-Waste Certified facility, enabling you to effectively introduce zero waste policies.

The Waste Control Process

Step 1: Free, no-risk evaluation
Step 2: In-depth savings/program analysis
Step 3: Design of cost-effective waste handling systems
Step 4: Completely managed services
Step 5: Customized consolidated invoice