Waste Control, Inc. provides waste management solutions to assist your business in saving time and money. We approach waste management with a holistic approach to leverage the greatest amount of savings. Below is a list of services and solutions we provide that will help your business succeed when it comes to waste management services.

Let us handle it

When you entrust the waste services for your company to Waste Control we handle all aspects of the program to free your time up to spend on your company’s core competencies. We take care of EVERYTHING including handling missed pick ups, scheduling services, bin audits, waste characterizations, scheduling of equipment repairs, bidding of services, and contract management.

Auditing Invoices

Waste Control audits every waste haulers invoice we receive to assure that you are only paying what you are obligated to pay. Often times hauler apply rate increases in excess of the contracted pricing, or attempt to charge for services that they were not authorized to perform. Waste Control makes sure that this does not happen to you.

Credits for overcharges

In one of our recent audits we discovered that our client had been overcharged $29,000! We were able to obtain a refund for them and eliminate the extra charge on invoices going forward. While not always this significant, we will make sure you get credit for any services that you have been overcharged for.

Contract maintenance

If a contract with one of your service providers prevents Waste Control from negotiating a lower price, we will monitor the expiration date of the contract and send the appropriate notification and install a lower cost hauler once the contract expires.

Customer web portal

Our Customer Web Portal allows our customers to track expenses, see service levels, view recycling reports. We can custom fit the information that is viewable for each client.

Service Requests

Our clients can phone in service requests or email them to us. Our proprietary system generates a work order for each request. The work order is assigned to the appropriate person who handles the service request, notifies the customer of the outcome and then confirms that the work has been completed.

Opening and closing sites

As your business grows and adds more sites Waste Control will handle all the details for setting up new waste services at the site including identifying potential service providers, obtaining competitive bids, contract set up, service recommendation, and service implementation.

Customized Consolidated Invoicing

WCI will provide a consolidated invoice showing each location, service levels and the cost for each location. This will reduce the internal costs incurred by the processing of multiple invoices. This billing service can be set up to meet our customer’s individual needs. This invoice can also be submitted electronically.

Government Compliance

Local governmental entities are constantly changing regulations regarding waste and recycling services. Waste Control stays abreast of these regulations to make sure your company is in compliance.

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