Southern California Businesses


Make sure your business saving as much as possible!

Most cities in Southern California already have a single-provider waste hauler system and are known in the industry as “franchised” cities. Many others are moving that direction. These franchise systems typically include provisions for aggressive recycling programs, the reduction of the number of trucks on city streets, utilization of low emission alternative fuel vehicles, and increased use of technology.

Although waste franchise systems can provide greater recycling and some customer benefits, they are not without a cost. Rates in franchised cities are significantly higher than rates in open cities.

Waste Control’s programs make sure your business pays the lowest amount within the confines of the city’s franchise system. WCI will also take the initiative to assure a smooth transition with the new hauler if the city you are in becomes a franchised city.

Most of the franchise systems offer recycling programs and some offer organic waste collection programs for food waste. This is a new area of recycling and will require careful consideration and innovative methods to meet the requirements. WCI will work with the hauler to implement the recycling programs at the lowest possible cost while assuring compliance with the city’s ordinance.

In a waste hauling franchise arena, controlling costs becomes more difficult and requires utilizing mechanical equipment, maximizing diversion of recyclables, and monitoring fullness of trash containers to control costs. With WCI’s management services, you will be ahead of the curve and will have programs and procedures in place to maximize cost controls.

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